Woocommerce 3.0.3

Another micro update for WooCommerce has come out today and it does have some important changes:

  • Fixed an issue with variation tax-classes when set to ‘parent’. This made taxes apply on top of the tax inclusive price in certain setups.
  • Escaped attribute translations in the cart.php template and bumped the template version to match.
  • Corrected the display of refund dates on the order screen.
  • Fixed the grouped product visibility check in the grouped.php template and bumped the template version to match.
  • Fixed the sale badge display for grouped products.
  • Added the itemReviewed structured data for product reviews to make it validate.
  • Made the get_attribute method work on variation objects.
  • Turned off the deferred email sending by default which was added in 3.0. Whilst it does improve performance, there were compatibility problems on some servers. It can be enabled with a filter if desired.
  • Added backtrace information to the deprecation messages to help find problem plugins.

So, you can upgrade the plugin on your website or you can download it from wordpress.

Jetpack 4.8.2

This new version of Jetpack bring some new improvements, specially on the PHP incompatibilities such as:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented activating/deactivating of some features in PHP versions below 5.4.
  • Removed an unused function that was also incompatible with PHP versions below 5.4.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a blank Jetpack admin area.

You can upgrade to the newest version in your website updates section or you can upload it on the server after you download it from here.

Contact Form 7 4.7

Contact Form 7 comes up with a new version, with some new corrections and improvements:

  • Added REST API custom endpoints to manipulate contact form data.
  • Config Validator: Added test items for field names and attachment file paths.
  • Added custom DOM events: wpcf7invalid, wpcf7spam, wpcf7mailsent, wpcf7mailfailed and wpcf7submit.
  • New action hook: wpcf7_after_flamingo.
  • Added size option to select and select* form-tag types.
  • Made it possible to use the 3rd parameter of wpcf7_add_form_tag() to specify “features” of the form-tag type.

Yoast 4.5.0

So, a new version of the popular plugin Yoast SEO, used by hundred of thousands of people around the world. So what’s new in the 4.5.0 version, launched on March 21, 2017 ?

  • Additions

    • Adds a message about the PHP version for WordPress installations that run on PHP 5.2. The warning also has pointers on how to address this situation.
  • Bugfixes

    • Adds a check for the breadcrumbs-home option to prevent a blank entry being added to the crumbs array
  • Enhancements

    • Throws a warning in the admin for the RS Head Cleaner plugin, because the plugin cloaks.

    • Improves copy about Yoast SEO Premium benefits.

    • Adds link to our knowledge base article about connecting your website to Google Search Console.

Yoast SEO 4.4.0

At the end of february 2017, we have an update for Yoast SEO, with some small improvements and bug fixes such as:

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixes a bug where a span tag wasn’t closed correctly.
    • Fixes a bug where there were deprecation warnings shown when an existing author was being updated.
    • Fixes a bug where the user received an ‘insufficient rights’ error when the advanced settings are disabled, but an advanced page is visited.
  • Enhancements:

    • Moves the options to disable keyword and content analysis from the general tab to the features tab.

    • Improves styling of tables so they are viewable on mobile.

    • Changes the links into shortlinks for the extensions page, helpcenter, facebook settings and premium popup.

Kirki Toolkit 2.3.7

Kirki Toolkit comes with a new version, released just hours ago. The 2.3.7 version has some interesting improvements such as:

  • Fix: spacing controls were not updating after save
  • New: Now using the WP Notifications API in the customizer for spacing & dimension controls (requires WP 4.6).
  • Fix: Allow overriding option_type with theme_mod when global config uses option by using the option_type argument in the fields.
  • Fix: Disabled the custom kirki-preview loader. This will have to be built more modular in future versions.
  • Fix: Refactored panel & section icons.
  • Fix: postMessage now works better with slider controls.
  • Fix: Reset button not working unless tooltips are loaded.
  • Fix: Properly sanitize link and url fields.
  • Fix: Automate sanitization for repeater fields.

Check out the new version

Kirki Toolkit 2.3.6

Kirki Toolkit comes with the 2.3.6 version, with some CSS and fonts improvements, among some of the modifications. For more details, check out this list:

  • Fix: CSS prefixes order fixes (#1042).
  • Fix: suffix output argument support in Multicolor control (#1042).
  • Fix: Kirki::get_variables() method should be static (#1050).
  • Fix: Add line wrapping to CodeMirror (#1079).
  • Fix: container_inclusive is disregarded on the selective refresh class (#1089).
  • Fix: Support input_attrs parameter for controls (#1074).
  • Fix: Outdated Google-Fonts list (#1091).

You can check out the new version on WordPress Plugin Page.