Improving a website – the simple story

//Improving a website – the simple story

Improving a website – the simple story

Most of the websites I know have gone to a lot of changes in the last year, but I haven’t managed to keep up with the WordPress updates for all my 10 websites. A lot of stuff to do in 2017, barely had time for family. However, last week, after months of work, I decided I needed a break.

And I did myself a favour and went for hiking in Ireland vacation. Just a week off, 10-15 miles walking around green hills, south of Dublin. I needed a pause from the city just to relax my brain a bit. And to get some inspiration.

And indeed I got some inspiration. During the third day of walking, I thought of a system of automating all the updates on wordpress and doing all I can do reduce the website loading speed, which is a necesity now, when google does really like website with small loading times.

After that week, I came home and started researching all the things that I can do to improve my website loading speed.

First of all, server. I had to get a better quality server to deal with all the website, so the loading time won’t be more than 0.5 seconds. Managed to get a (quite expensive) server that fitted all my need.

Second, improve the code. You know, the usual stuffs, minifying css, html and java, optimizing css delivery and removing render blocking javascript. You would not belive how many plugins have huge css, java and html files that can be minified. More about how to minify resources.

Third, cache. Leverage browser caching, enable compression and prioritize visible content. Those are quite tricky to handle, depending on the website, but I’ll just explain it in a different article.

Finally, getting rid of plugins. I had to remove a ton of plugins and to implement all in the themes code, so the loading time be lower. That also needs a different article, since it’s quite tricky to know what to remove and what to keep from your plugins, since some of them are quite useful.

So that’s about it. I managed to get most of my websites with a 70-80 Google Speed Score, which is decent enough for some simple wordpress sites.

What did you do to improve you website speed ? And what places do you recommend going out for long walks in Ireland ?

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