Minifying resources (CSS, HTML and JAVA)

//Minifying resources (CSS, HTML and JAVA)

Minifying resources (CSS, HTML and JAVA)

Getting your websites a lower loading time it’s a challenge that you need to take more seriously. No more 20 plugins, no more random code. You need to have everything clean and precise. One of the ways you can do that it’s by minifying resources in your files.

How to do it ? Google does offer some alternatives:

  • If you want to minify HTML, try HTMLMinifier
  • If you want to minify CSS, try CSSNano and csso.
  • If you want to minify JavaScript, try UglifyJS. The Closure Compiler is also very effective. You can create a build process that uses these tools to minify and rename the development files and save them to a production directory.

Alternatively, the PageSpeed Module, integrates with with an Apache or Nginx web server to automatically optimize your site, including resource minification.

So what are you waiting for ? Go and minify your resources and make your website load faster.

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