Woocommerce 3.0.3

///Woocommerce 3.0.3

Woocommerce 3.0.3

Another micro update for WooCommerce has come out today and it does have some important changes:

  • Fixed an issue with variation tax-classes when set to ‘parent’. This made taxes apply on top of the tax inclusive price in certain setups.
  • Escaped attribute translations in the cart.php template and bumped the template version to match.
  • Corrected the display of refund dates on the order screen.
  • Fixed the grouped product visibility check in the grouped.php template and bumped the template version to match.
  • Fixed the sale badge display for grouped products.
  • Added the itemReviewed structured data for product reviews to make it validate.
  • Made the get_attribute method work on variation objects.
  • Turned off the deferred email sending by default which was added in 3.0. Whilst it does improve performance, there were compatibility problems on some servers. It can be enabled with a filter if desired.
  • Added backtrace information to the deprecation messages to help find problem plugins.

So, you can upgrade the plugin on your website or you can download it from wordpress.

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